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Hire Saints Brass

In need of top quality music for your event?

Saints Brass are available to hire and eager to hear from you. From corporate functions to weddings, street parties to outdoor events, we're happy to play; and the best thing is... we're completely self-sufficient as we don't need to 'plug in' to anything!

We're available from a 7-piece group right through to our standard 13-piece line-up.

If you want, we can also invite one of our incredible singer friends too!

Get in touch with us and we can help you advise you on any options.


With Singer

Q: What's better than a funky brass band?

A: A funky brass band with one of the UK's top session singers!

We can easily add one of our amazing singer friends to the line - they will blow you away with their talent! Check out our YouTube Channel to see them in action.

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